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Hallowe’en Sell-out

Has Hallow’en become too commercial? When I was a kid we felt lucky to get one of these … … but with a week to go to the big day, I’ve already got all this stuff… Somewhere along the way … Continue reading

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The Celtic Tiger gets its bounce back?

After years of economic bad news, Ireland shows signs of taking its first tentative steps on the road to recovery.  Tigger’s not got his bounce back – not by any means.  But we can hope he may soon come off … Continue reading

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We need to talk about planning

This morning a new think-tank – the Intergenerational Foundation – launched the Hoarding on Housing report, claiming one-third of UK homes are ‘under-occupied’ because over-60s are failing to downsize once their children move on.  Half of all properties owned by single pensioners … Continue reading

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Head in the cloud

… they only block the sun They rain and snow on everyone So many things I would have done But clouds got in my way Clouds don’t get a good press (see Joni Mitchell, above).  They’re the reason why there’s no … Continue reading

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Bigger than business: my business giants playlist

Can any business leader in history have commanded the following that Steve Jobs attracted in life and now in death? True, Jobs was more than a businessman.  He was a visionary with a clear idea of  how people-friendly technology could … Continue reading

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Foxy Knoxy and Italy’s national brand

Amanda Knox’s homecoming was the lead item on yesterday’s BBC Today programme.  Further down the agenda came the news that Italy’s credit rating had been downgraded for the second time in two weeks. No one would seriously suggest there’s a … Continue reading

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