Prize-winning pumpkin prompts poignancy

After scandal threatened an ignominious end to his super-sizing reign, Shropshire mega-veg king Barry Truss regained his crown at last Sunday’s Beckbury Allotment Association Hallowe’en Pumpkin Competition.

In June Barry was branded a cheat after he admitted injecting a prize-winning pumpkin with water to boost its weight.  Outrage ensued, and Barry handed back his £50 winnings.

Last Sunday, however, Barry was back on top with a cheat-free gourd.  His 108lb pumpkin, once it had been thoroughly checked for signs of tampering, was pronounced best-in-show.

So all’s well that ends well.  But this tale of pumpkin-centric redemption comes with a poignant aftertaste, as Barry reflected on the loneliness of his ordeal: “You don’t know what it’s like having to stare at a prize-winning carrot or shallot on your own.  You need to share those moments.”

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