Being green means being whiter than white

Today a Paris court fined French state energy company EdF €1.5m and jailed two executives for hacking a Greenpeace computer.

EdF is a key player in Britain’s energy market.  One of the country’s biggest electricity suppliers, EdF Energy is at the forefront of building the UK’s next generation of nuclear power stations.  As other European nations (Germany, and most recently Belgium) go cold on nuclear, EdF has a vital role in ensuring that – in Britain, at least – the lights won’t go off.

Like all UK energy providers,  EdF has worked hard to build up its environmental credentials.  And, as it moves forward with its plans for carbon-free nuclear power, EdF has perhaps the strongest claim to be a ‘green’ electricity company.

EdF should be the good guys.  They have a strong and compelling story to tell about clean energy – but instead they chose to play dirty.  They will pay the price with their reputation – and green campaigners will make sure the mud sticks to the nuclear industry as a whole.

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