Happy National Freelancers Day!

In case you hadn’t heard, today is National Freelancers Day.

The ‘third annual celebration of freelancers‘ carries the Prime Minister’s endorsement and marks the contribution made by more than 1.5 million freelancers to the UK economy.

This seems like an astoundingly naff publicity trick: manufacturing a ‘national day’ is one of the hoariest tricks in PR book.   A typical reaction from one (freelance) friend was: ‘you’re joking!’

But it works.  The naffness of the PR ploy got me Googling National Freelancers Day, learning about its organiser PCG (as I now know, the trade association for freelancers) and writing about it here.

Thanks to National Freelancers Day my awareness of freelancers is now fully raised.  I’ve even used the word ‘freelancer’ eight times just in writing this blog.

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