Mini Babybel MiniMelter road-test

According to cheese experts, consumers in North America and the United Kingdom are demanding more flavour from their weekly cheese shop.  Not that you’d guess from my fridge where cottage, Wensleydale and processed cheese are perennial favourites.

Inspired by a former colleague who has created a brilliant food blog (great recipes for the real world: check it out), I’ve decided to be more adventurous with cheese.  So today I took the new Mini Babybel ‘MiniMelter’ for a test-drive in my microwave.

Available free with six and twelve packs of Mini Babybel, the MiniMelter is the latest in a long line of processed cheese innovations from The Laughing Cow.  As you can see below, using the MiniMelter to prepare an off-the-cuff cheese snack is simplicity itself.

First, I unwrapped a Mini Babybel and placed it in the MiniMelter (which I had taken the precaution of running through the dishwasher).

Mini Babybel provocatively disrobed

With the raw ‘Baby’ now snug in its green plastic MiniMelter nest, I took a moment to drink in the sights and smells (below).

Any last requests?

Finally, I placed the ‘Baby’ plus MiniMelter into my 900W Neff for the recommended 20-second blast of non-ionizing microwave radiation.

... et voila!

The result: a magical co-mingling of cheese and plastic.  Was I eating the ‘Baby’ or the MiniMelter?  I didn’t know – I didn’t care.  The only thing I could taste, as I peeled the viscous glob of molten plasto-cheese off my tongue, was pain.  Terrible searing pain*.

*All my own fault.  Curiosity and greed won out over prudence.

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