Blue Monday

It’s Blue Monday!  The day everyone is supposed to feel depressed because there are still 300+ shopping days to Christmas.

But don’t worry if you’re reading this on Woeful Wednesday or Fearful Friday, because another Blue Monday will be along soon.  The next ‘official’ Blue Monday is scheduled for next week.

Claiming a day for your brand or cause is a classic PR tactic to get people talking about you (see National Freelancers Day).  In the past Blue Monday has been used to flog holidays.  This year it’s selling office lighting systems.

The hokey ‘formula’ used to calculate Blue Monday is challenged every year.  But I think the key question is: is it wise to link your brand with a downer like “most depressing day of the year”?  Surely it’s time to put Blue Monday to bed.

the appliance of science?

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