Talking apples

Apples engaged in propaganda

‘Organic’ food is an intrinsically annoying concept.  A ‘scientific’ word attached to a smug BS idea.

But each to their own: if buying ‘organic’ makes some people feel better about themselves, and allows supermarkets and producers to charge them a feel-good premium, than who am I to complain?

I do feel slightly more than pissed off, however, to see the EU is paying for ‘organic’ propaganda on my behalf.  The advert above – spotted on the tube at London Bridge – claims “one way to reduce your exposure to pesticides is to eat more organic food”.

Shouldn’t the €58 billion (2010) of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy budget protect European consumers from pesticides?  Without the need for us to upgrade to more expensive ‘organic’ apples?

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2 Responses to Talking apples

  1. it’s the organic stuff we need to be wary off…and film composer john barry found out all about it…he’d taken to drinking organic grapejuice and developed a dreadful cough which went from bad to worse…after invasive surgery on the mans throat, and various other guessing games,they accidently and finally worked out the problem was the bollox that had been left to grow on the skin of the organic grapes, which caused a build up of shite round his gullet or whatever…so as soon as he cut out the organic grapejuice,the issue went away…if he had have chosen the unorganic juice, which undergoes closer testing,this cock up would never have happened in the first place…must have pissed him off terrible,cause he was a busy man with work to do,and all this *organic this organic that* totally fucked up his schedule, and what little time he had left.

  2. David says:

    Ha Mary! Thanks for this – I caught a stupid fungus thing when I was on chemo. I am now going to blame organic stuff for this.

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