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Bank error (not in our favour)

In January, Barclays Chief Executive Bob Diamond told the Treasury Select Committee that the banks had done enough apologising. “There was a period of remorse and apology for banks. I think that period needs to be over,” said Diamond (quoted in … Continue reading

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Have I missed the bus?

What happened to the new Routemasters? Launched onto London’s streets in February, the streamlined double-deckers borrow the ‘iconic’ style of the original 1950s Routemasters. Best of all, they bring back the rear platform which – when open – allows people … Continue reading

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Scary logos

Some company logos that have spooked – or perplexed – me over the years. 1) Nabisco: designed by Raymond Loewy Associates in 1952.  Loewy was the industrial design genius behind Pennsylvania Railroad streamlined locos, Studebaker cars and the classic Greyhound … Continue reading

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Spin cycle

Over the weekend, Eurozone leaders rustled up €100bn for Spain’s wobbly banks.  The story then followed the now familiar Euro Crisis pattern.  It starts with blustering denials, ramps up to lunatic optimism (following some emergency summit or back room deal) … Continue reading

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Mayor of Madrid offers lifeline for Señor T-P

And now some good news from Madrid. Rumours earlier this week that the Tío Pepe sign could soon disappear from the Madrid skyline sparked a campaign to save the landmark.  In just one hour, online activists had collected 4000 signatures from … Continue reading

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Sign of the times

Sad news from Madrid.   According to The Guardian, the city’s famous Tio Pepe sign above Puerta del Sol is to be snuffed out for ever. The flaming neon flamenco-cabellero has been there since 1936, and gained an iconic status … Continue reading

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Have you heard? It’s in the stars…

Something else to worry about.  Our galaxy, the Milky Way*, is on a high-speed collision course with galactic next-door neighbour Andromeda. “The Andromeda galaxy is heading straight in our direction,” said Roeland van der Marel, Astronomer, Space Telescope Science Institute … Continue reading

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