Mayor of Madrid offers lifeline for Señor T-P

And now some good news from Madrid.

Rumours earlier this week that the Tío Pepe sign could soon disappear from the Madrid skyline sparked a campaign to save the landmark.  In just one hour, online activists had collected 4000 signatures from Madrileños and people abroad.  Responding to popular feeling, the Mayor of Madrid has now stepped in with an offer to relocate the sign to an adjacent building.

The Tío Pepe sign has blinked above Puerta del Sol since 1936 – from the start of the civil war to the restoration of democracy, Spain’s entry into the European Union and the recent protests by the Indignados.  It’s a potent – and quirky – symbol of modern Spain.

In not recognising the sign’s iconic status, and retaining the sign on its new Madrid flagship, Apple (usually so brilliant at managing its brand) has scored something of a PR own-goal.

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