Scary logos

Some company logos that have spooked – or perplexed – me over the years.

Nabisco ‘Signals from Space’ Receiver

1) Nabisco: designed by Raymond Loewy Associates in 1952.  Loewy was the industrial design genius behind Pennsylvania Railroad streamlined locos, Studebaker cars and the classic Greyhound bus.  The Nabisco corner seal / flying saucer is used to this day – but I think there’s something a little creepy and Area 51 about it…

Proctor & Gamble’s Man in the Moon

2) Proctor and Gamble: this logo was discontinued in 1985, following bizarre rumours that the moon-and-stars device was a symbol of Satan.  According to the company’s Wikipedia page “no evidence linking the company to the Church of Satan or any other occult organization has ever been presented.”

Happy Vomiter

3) Happy Eater: this cheerful chap graced branches of the UK motorway troughing-stops from 1973 until 1996.  But what is he doing with his finger?  He looks more like a Happy Bulimic.  And that’s not a good message for a restaurant chain.

I am always on the look out for more Scary Logos, so drop me a line if you’ve been creeped-out or puzzled by brand signage.

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