Have I missed the bus?

A new Routemaster

What happened to the new Routemasters?

Launched onto London’s streets in February, the streamlined double-deckers borrow the ‘iconic’ style of the original 1950s Routemasters.

Best of all, they bring back the rear platform which – when open – allows people to jump on and off the bus at will.  There’s nothing more enraging – and infantilising – than being kept trapped in a bus, just yards from your stop.  Being told by a jobsworth bus driver that it’s ‘for your own good’ makes it even worse.

In a sense, by allowing travellers the freedom to board and alight where they choose, the new Routemaster represents an important moral and political victory.

So where have they all gone?  Or have the new Routemasters blended so completely into the background that I don’t notice them?

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