Gastronome’s golden breadcrumb treasury

As autumn approaches, I want to share some of my most golden culinary moments.  My goal: to bring a little summer sunshine back into your lives.  

So by popular demand, here are some photographic memories of dishes I prepared over the last few months.  The secret ingredient is breadcrumbs (and love).  As ever, please feel free to get in touch for recipes and methods.

1) Tower of Babel Fish

Haute cuisine doesn’t get much ‘haute-er’ than this, with my Jenga-themed high-rise fish dish. NB: remember to bake the fish fingers before enjoying.

2) Kennington Sunrise

Summer doesn’t have to fade away.  Re-capture sunny memories from Britain’s blazing summer of 2012 with this ships wheel tribute to our seafaring heritage.

3) Scampi Baton

What is scampi?  Learn to stop worrying with this delicious fish-like confection.  Note the  on-vine cherry tomatoes to add a ‘homemade’ touch.

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