Art of protest

Coulrophobia is the scientific name for the ‘fear of clowns’

It’s a miserably damp Monday morning.  I am at Tate Britain with my friend Ruth Dudley Edwards to see the Stuckists demonstrate outside the 2012 Turner Prize exhibition.

Ruth is about to publish her latest crime fiction novel, a keenly-anticipated satire on the contemporary British art scene (Killing the Emperors, 26 November).  We’re intrigued to discover what happens when the Art Establishment comes face-to-face with some of its most impassioned critics.

But, today anyway, it seems the drizzle and low grey skies have put a dampener on things.  With visitors to the gallery more concerned to get out of the rain than argue about the nature of Art, the mood is low-key.

Ruth and I congratulate the Stuckists on their resilience and head for shelter and coffee.

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  1. David says:

    More on Ruth’s book, as the US version is published today:

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