Eggheads confirm we live in a material world

Gold fingers


Can money buy you happiness?  Yes.

A research study by the University of Michigan has found that mo’ money does not mean mo’ problems.

Reported in today’s City AM, the study identifies a strong correlation between rising personal wealth and happiness.  “There’s no stopping the trend: as income rises, happiness and satisfaction levels increase just as inexorably.”  Once you’re in the $100-$150k earnings bracket, everyone in the survey is either  “very or fairly happy”.  And it just gets better from there.

From my own experience, more money didn’t always mean I was happier.  But it certainly took the edge off the blues.

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4 Responses to Eggheads confirm we live in a material world

  1. Sophy says:

    Mo money means less worry! which means better happiness. It does not make you a better person, but it can make you a less fraught one. Roll on salary hikes I say 🙂

  2. Maria says:

    More money definitely gives you more options and power to help others so yes less worry and I think it follows Maslow’s need stairs where after we have covered our basic needs money allows us to focus on self fulfillment.

    • David says:

      I am aiming to upgrade my basic needs. Lew Grade (Rolls-Royce and permanent cigar) is more or less what I’m aiming for 🙂

  3. the thing with money is you have to be able to ‘ride’ it … if you can’t,you’re buggered.

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