Booming London gets new lines

More trains are coming online  – but plans for more planes are still up in the air.

Yesterday the proposed routes for Crossrail 2 went into public consultation.  This £16bn project will create fast new north-south connections through the capital.  There’s a video fly-though of the schemes here.

Because Crossrail 2 is sponsored by Transport for London, the Mayor’s office can vigorously and effectively push a project that Boris Johnson deems “quite simply essential”.

If only the same could be said of airports.  London is crying out for a bigger air hub.   But Westminster has kicked the issue into the long grass: the government’s Airports Commission is not due to report until summer 2015.

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2 Responses to Booming London gets new lines

  1. what if,on account of oil prices soaring,that air fares just keep getting pricier and pricier…we might look back on these last three decades as the proletariat era of air travel..we could be coming full circle with air travel returning to something slightly elitist,hence the reticence to expand on airports right now.

    • I am a technology optimist… ! Aeroplanes are more efficient all the time – and if oil became prohibitively expensive we found find an alternative fuel (even if that’s just another way of making jet fuel). Now that we have the taste for travel, and the expectation that we can fly has become engrained, we will find it very hard to give up flying.

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