Dirty cash. Mucky tablets. Filthy phones.


Money laundering – presoak!

Germs are everywhere this week.  And I mean everywhere.

Still reeling from the revelation that Britain’s new plasticky bank notes will provide a cosy home for E.Coli and MRSA bugs, the UK is again rocked to its core today by news that “smartphones and tablets now harbour thousands more germs than a TOILET SEAT” (Daily Mail’s emphasis).

After giving my iPhone a quick wipe down, I wondered: who’s behind these contamination scare stories?  And should I buy shares in a hand gel manufacturer?

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1 Response to Dirty cash. Mucky tablets. Filthy phones.

  1. the ones who are going to die are the ones who don’t have a taste for filth..everyone should know by now that our immune systems become emboldened by dirt…if i was daft enough to have kids,i’d encourage them to roll there sleeves up,and not be scared of it.
    i wear rubber gloves when i clean the toilet,but it’s not the shyte i’m feared of…it’s the cleaning chemicals in the jif .

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