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What’s in a name?

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Can you keep a secret?

As more of life goes digital, data security becomes a bigger and bigger issue.  We’re all learning that data is a lot more than numbers.  It’s our bank accounts, our medical records, our love letters and, in the age of … Continue reading

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Who can you trust these days?

Trust is bleeding away from the world’s leading media brands It’s not news that newspapers are losing ad income in an increasingly fragmented media marketplace.  Last year in the US, for example, newspaper advertising revenues (for both print and online) … Continue reading

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Sad cows

Britain’s rubbish summer is not just affecting people.  Cows are fed up too: according to this morning’s R4 Farming Today, the wet weather is putting cows off their oats, so to speak.  Less amorously-inclined cows this year mean fewer calves next … Continue reading

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Scary logos

Some company logos that have spooked – or perplexed – me over the years. 1) Nabisco: designed by Raymond Loewy Associates in 1952.  Loewy was the industrial design genius behind Pennsylvania Railroad streamlined locos, Studebaker cars and the classic Greyhound … Continue reading

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Mayor of Madrid offers lifeline for Señor T-P

And now some good news from Madrid. Rumours earlier this week that the Tío Pepe sign could soon disappear from the Madrid skyline sparked a campaign to save the landmark.  In just one hour, online activists had collected 4000 signatures from … Continue reading

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Sign of the times

Sad news from Madrid.   According to The Guardian, the city’s famous Tio Pepe sign above Puerta del Sol is to be snuffed out for ever. The flaming neon flamenco-cabellero has been there since 1936, and gained an iconic status … Continue reading

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