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Inside out

“Before I could reply, Gowing said there was nothing so completely uninteresting as other people’s dreams.” Are other people’s dreams really boring? Scientists in Japan don’t think so.  Using an MRI scanner, they claim to be able to ‘read’ dreams. … Continue reading

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Opening windows into men’s souls

Telepathy could one day become a reality: is that something to celebrate? Today’s Times (£) reports from the Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, where a Professor Miguel Nicolelsis of Duke University claims to have … Continue reading

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Changing on climate change

I wanted to blog about my conversion to ‘warmism’… instead I find I’m warming to fracking.  (Yay, fracking!) I always thought of myself as a climate change sceptic.  Mostly because of the company I didn’t want to keep.   I agreed … Continue reading

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Tried and tested

Several years ago I started a campaign to support UK scientists who use animals for medical research. The campaign – The People’s Petition – tapped in to a popular feeling that the government was not doing enough to protect research … Continue reading

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